Studio 5, Live: Music & Mobiles, Gesture & Connected Objects

Sat 10 March 2018,
3 p.m.- 6 p.m.
studio 5


Free entry

Motion capture and connected objects make it possible to create new musical instruments and more generally, to interact with all digital media. These new objects and practices are now an integral part of live performances where they are used by sound professionals, in installations, in gaming, or even in participatory concerts where the technology is in the hands of the public. Motion & touch sensors and smartphones are all a part of the most recent systems, they are a part of that ecosystem that attempts to continuously renew possibilities for listening and musical creation.

We invite you to meet the scientists, developers, and composers though a series of encoutners and demonstrations of our prototypes in our labs under the Place Stravinsky. Presented live for the general public: artists, IRCAM’s technological arsenal and scientific subjects.

Participants: Victor Audouze, Frédéric Bevilacqua, Riccardo Borghesi, Benjamin Matuszewski, Diemo Schwarz, Hugo Scurto, Norbert Schnell, researchers & developers, Sound Music Movement Interaction team, IRCAM-STMS
Ariadna Alsina, Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch, Diana Soh, composers
Grégoire Lorieux, IRCAM Computer-Music Designer
Matthieu Savary, designer, UserStudio


Workshop - Studio 5


Motion Capture and Connected Objects: scientific work and applications in artistic creation
by Frédéric Bevilacqua, with Diana Soh


Tangible and Multisensorial Interfaces: DIRTI in the installation “Le son au bout des doigts”
by Ariadna Alsina, Grégoire Lorieux, Diemo Schwarz


Presentation of Work on Collective Interaction: the use of Web technologies & smartphones
by Frédéric Bevilacqua, Benjamin Matuszewski, Norbert Schnell with Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch

Installations - Studio 3

Installation DIRTI
With the DIRTI interfaces children play sounds and images by sinking their hands into materials contained in interactive trays.

Conception: Matthieu Savary (UserStudio), Diemo Schwarz and Grégoire Lorieux
Sound Creation: Emmanuelle Lizère et Ariadna Alsina Tarrès

Collective Interactive Experience « ProXoMix » - Gallery

Using smartphones and headphones, participants create together their own mix of a piece of music. The mix changes according to their proximity to the other players and each player’s movements.

Development: Victor Audouze, Benjamin Matuszewski, David Poirier-Quinot, Norbert Schnell and Hugo Scurto

The Web Audio technologies used in this experience were developed during the CoSiMa project (Collaborative Situated Media) supported by the French national agency for research (ANR) and coordinated by IRCAM.

Film - Salle Shannon

Screening of the Film "Image of a Work: La Princesse légère by Violeta Cruz"
The first opera by Violeta Cruz, La Princesse légère is a fairy story in which elements of the décor, equipped with sensors (the latest generation of R-IoT sensors by IRCAM), are transformed into sound objects. They become an integral part of the musical discourse via their exploitation by electronics.

A film written by Anne Montaron and produced by Natacha Nisic.

Sound Walk - Place Stravinsky

Square by Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
Square is a sound walk for the public using headphones. Using a web site and geolocalization, each participant is enveloped in an electronic and spatialized universe that weaves together the real­—a “guided tour” of the place Stravinsky—and an electronic fiction told through headphones.

Scientific Advisors:  Benjamin Matuszewski, David Poirier-Quinot, Norbert Schnell, Olivier Warusfel

Square is the result of Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch’s artistic research carried out with the Interaction Sound Music Movement team.

  • Ircam © DR
    Ircam © DR
  • © Philippe Barbosa
    © Philippe Barbosa
  • DIRTI © Philippe Barbosa
    DIRTI © Philippe Barbosa
  • R-IoT © Philippe Barbosa
    R-IoT © Philippe Barbosa
  • Studio 5 à l'Ircam © Philippe Barbosa
    Studio 5 à l'Ircam © Philippe Barbosa

Practical Information

Due to current works underway at IRCAM, we are not able to accommodate persons with reduced mobility.

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