SonImage Exhibit

Work by the Artists from the École nationale supérieure d’arts de Paris-Cergy
Tue 21 May 2019,
7 p.m.


Free entry, limited seats available.

Beginning with the context of projected images and experimental film, the students from the École nationale supérieure d’arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC) have developed reflections, research topics, artistic and musical propositions, in connection with other media such as poetry, improvisational music, musical programming, or installations.

These works were produced during a project carried out throughout the 2018-19 academic year by IRCAM’s department of Education with the students. The project consisted of a research and creation workshop led by the artist-instructors Yann Beauvais and Jérôme Combier on the theme of images in motion and sonic experiments. The artists are also advised by Grégoire Lorieux, IRCAM computer music designer and professor.  

The final presentation of their work will be held at IRCAM on May 21st and at the gallery gb agency from May 22nd through the 25th.

Performance by Nathanaël Ruiz de Infante in the Studio 5, © Mikhail Malt

Suite de l'exposition... à la galerie gb agency

May 22-25, 11am - 7pm18 rue des Quatre-Fils, 75003 Paris

by Baptiste Delfarguiel & Siloé Hermile

The project Plante is a prototype that endevors to reverse the “Nature/Culture” conceptual couple paradigm. While we easily admit that nature becomes culture following human intervention, what happens when the roles are reversed? Wood, a natural element becomes culture when used to create a musical instrument, is reinvested by nature that abandons its role to become a part of the music: the musician. The installation consists of two guitars, one horizontal and the other vertical, in which seeds and bulbs of different plants were planted. As they grow, these plants took over the instrument and “played” it, making sounds through the growth of their roots and the deterioration of the wood. The sounds were captured by two piezo microphones attached to the guitar’s body and connected to a recording device that constantly collects the audio data essential to understand the vitality of the plant world.

Vague à l’âme
by Sinae Lee & Paul-Alexis Leveugle
Installation, length: 8 minutes

Vague à l’âme is an audio and tangible experience with its roots in the movements of ivy. Water comes and goes, goes up and down, to end its voyage in sharp rocks or soft sand. The audience is invited to submerge themselves in the middle of these cones and lights.  

En réserve
by Maéva Sanz
Video, length: 8 minutes

The three characters in this video are filmed separately. Together, they try to have a conversation. The audience is invited to become the fourth person in the group

Quoted with distance (inside the white cube, ideology of the space)
by Iris Fabre
Sound work, lenght: 15 minutes

This installation proposes a reflection on the exhibition space and the audience, based on essays by Brian O'Doherty published in Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space.

Frontière : Largo
경계의 선율
by Jun Kim, Yeseul Eom & Zi-Seon Im
Performance, lenght: 15 minutes

Frontière : Largo is a performance. It offers a relationship with Morse code and a treats a sound that could be the exploration of the frontier between life and death. Three manners, three media are addressed in these subjects: digital drawing, dance, and sound. Each element uses the rules of Morse code, the function of which is to integrate the three elements together, to unite them in a new language that is neither phonetic nor sonic…

Program of the evening

May 21st, 7pm | Ircam, 1 Place Igor Stravinsky, 75004 Paris

7:30pm & 8:30pm | Studio 5

by Nathanaël Ruiz de Infante
Performance, length: 25 minutes

Lacrymal is a performance with a sound and video element. Inspired by myths, personal experiences, and current events, the adventure takes place in the “center of lacrimal tests”.

Non-stop | Studio 6

by Charline Corcessin & David Herguedas

In a space evocative of our everyday lives, a breach is opened to bring together the two antagonistic environments, that of the oceans and that of the home. Shaking up our relationship to daily live and understand—through sound—the complexity of an interconnected world where communication no longer belongs only to humans and the most banal actions and minimal changes interact.

The elaboration of this work is based on the research carried out by Lucia Di Lorio at the institut Chorus, Frédéric Bertucci at the Centre de recherches insulaires et observatoire de l'environnement (Criobe) de Moorea (Polynésie française), the Laboratoire de morphologie fonctionnelle et évolutive de l'Université de Liège, Dorian Cazaux from the IMT Atlantique and CominLabs, and by Olivier Adam professor at the institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert (Sorbonne Université/CNRS) in the Acoustic Music Lutherie tea

Non-stop | Salle Shannon

En réserve
by Maéva Sanz
Video, length: 8 minutes

The three characters in this video are filmed separately. Together, they try to have a conversation. The audience is invited to become the fourth person in the group.