Music Hack Day

November 10 through Sat 11 November 20172 p.m.- 8:30 p.m.


To continue the themes of the conference Musique & Hacking: Instruments, Communities, Ethics, IRCAM is holding a music hack day that will last over 24 hours.  

Over 50 hackers are expected to create and misappropriate all sorts of sonic and musical systems. The focus will be on the software/material complementarity in order to create new interactions among instruments, musicians, and networks.
20 invitations and 30 slots available upon simple registration via this online form.


Friday, November 10
2-5pm: kick-off, presentation of the sponsors and tools (salle Stravinsky)
5-5:30pm: creation of teams (salle Stravinsky)
5:30-6pm: installation (studios & gallery)
6-8pm: hacking session (studios & gallery)
8pm: buffet (gallery)
9pm-midnight: hacking session (studios & gallery)

Saturday, November 11
midnight-9am: hacking session (studios et gallery)
9am: breakfast (gallery)
10am: debriefing (studio 5)
10am-1pm: hacking session (studios & gallery)
1pm: buffet (gallery)
2-4pm: hacking session (studios & gallery)
4-6pm: project presentations + Q&A (gallery)
6-7:30pm: improvised concert (gallery)
7:30-8pm: awards (gallery)
8-8:30pm: clean-up (everywhere)

Public Presentation: 
Saturday, November 11, 4pm

Means Available

3 studios
1 work room
1 workshop (to be confirmed)
1 open gallery equipped with WIFI, Ethernet
Mechanical, electronic, and computer tools
Access badges

Photo credit: Emilie Zawadzki

Partenaires de l'événement : Deezer, Mozilla, GRAME, Ircam