Les continents d'après Tiepolo

presented by Les Spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou and the Festival d'Automne à Paris - IRCAM Card Advantage
Mon 13 November 2017,
8:30 p.m.
Centre Pompidou
Grande salle

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"My musical œuvre is my imaginary museum. A painting is not the pretext or the opportunity for a colorist commentary, but a problem of pictorial technique, of invention, and of a way of better formulating my own compositional interrogations", says Hugues Dufort. Here, he looks at the frescos painted by Tiepolo between 1752 and 1753 for Balthasar Neumann, architect of the Würzburg Residence. These monumental, allegorical works in the vault of the main staircase, portray Olympus and the four continents known at the time. Hugues Dufort sees a "theater of light" in these continents, foreshadowing the poetic art of the 20th century and today. Tiepolo would have anticipated the techniques of a contemporary art dominated by cinematography with his possibilities and painted montages, breaking away from the homogenous structures of a work, favoring the juxtaposition or simultaneity.

Ensemble Recherche

HUGUES DUFOURT LES CONTINENTS  BASED ON TIEPOLO – L’AFRIQUE (2005), L’ASIE (2009), L’EUROPE (2011), L’AMÉRIQUE (2016) French Premiere of the full version

Co-organized by les Spectacles vivants–Centre Pompidou, Festival d’Automne à Paris. With the assistance of the Sacem. As a part of the Festival d'Automne
  • Résidence de Würzburg, architecte Balthasar Neumann  © akg-images / Bildarchiv Monheim
    Résidence de Würzburg, architecte Balthasar Neumann © akg-images / Bildarchiv Monheim
  • Hugues Dufourt  © Astrid Karger
    Hugues Dufourt © Astrid Karger
  • L'Ensemble Recherche  © Korbel Pictures
    L'Ensemble Recherche © Korbel Pictures