March 7 through Fri 9 March 2018,
10 a.m.- 6 p.m.



IRCAM Forum Workshops

For 25 years, the IRCAM Forum Workshops have been the meeting point to discover new technologies for sound professionals and music enthusiasts. These 3 days offer artists, scientists, and startups from around the world the possibility of presenting their latest works, to share their experiences, and to discover the most up to date audio technologies.

The 2018 edition features the following themes:

New instruments
Collective interaction & geolocalization
Artificial intelligence, 
Sound design, 
Bio-art & music therapy, 
Sound spatialization, 
Connections between musical notation and audio perception.

A huge number of sessions presented in a wide range of formats: conferences, installations, demos

Every year, the IRCAM Forum Workshops are the opportunity for the institute to unveil its latest research findings:

ZIGGY the algorithm that makes the voice smile, 
ISIS makes it possible to synthesize a voice that sings like Piaf or Gréco, 
KIWI is a musical creation environment that lets you work collaboratively, in real-time, 
SAMPO a system that expands the musical possibilities of an instrument to play mixed music.

Hands-on workshops on IRCAM software programs will also be held.

More than a simple place for discussions, learning, and discovery, the IRCAM Forum Workshops are a fun, community event. Following the announcement of the winners of IRCAM’s artistic residencies, the IRCAM Live concert will feature artists who play with the codes of the digital era: Alexander Schubert, Franck Vigroux & AntoineSchmitt. This exceptional electro evening, created during the IRCAM Forum Workshops, is produced in conjunction with the Spectacles vivants du Centre Pompidou.

We look forward to welcoming sound professionals, students, all those interested in sound and other music techno-enthusiasts for a marathon of discoveries and innovations. Register today on the IRCAM Forum website.