Science, Technology and the ARTS
Fri 15 June 2018,
Centre Pompidou
Petite salle

Free entry, limited seats available

This day is organized by the European program STARTS RESIDENCIES coordinated by IRCAM, and part of the H2020 European STARTS initiative (Science, Technology and the ARTS). These residencies promote artistic contributions in technological innovation. The first results of this artistic residency program in connection with technological research throughout Europe will be presented by the artists and researchers involved. The laureates of the 2018 call will be announced and the current issues surrounding STARTS will be discussed with the heads of institutions and communities involved.

Noon | Welcome Session

12:15pm | Roundtable: Topology and matters

Presentation of residencies: ATLAS, Reactive Matter and SMARTS > SOS.
Led by Pascal Keiser, Co-founder and director of French Tech Culture

2:30pm | Roundtable: Transcoding emotion

Presentation of residencies: Wind Avatar, AMORE and Magic Lining.
Led by Greg Beller, Head of the department for Research/Creation Interfaces, IRCAM

3:45pm | Roundtable: Natural data

Presentation of residencies: Pollution explorers, Dirt is not an option or my daily struggles with the hyperobject and The plants sense.
Led by Nicolas Henchoz, Director of EPFL+ECAL Lab

5:30pm | Announcement of the laureates of the second call for STARTS RESIDENCIES

6:30pm | STARTS Roundtable: Art as a catalyst of new Innovation processes

The purpose of this panel is to discuss about the challenges of the STARTS European Program and the original innovation processes it supports through the participation of artists in technological research. The three ongoing projects  - STARTS Residencies, STARTS Prize et WEARSUSTAIN will be presented, together with upcoming STARTS actions. Industry representatives will be invited to react to these initiatives.

Introduction by Serge Lasvignes, President of the Centre Pompidou
Led by Hugues Vinet, Director of the Innovation and Research Means, IRCAM and Project Coordinator of the STARTS RESIDENCIES
With Nicolas Demassieux, Senior VP Orange Labs Research
Stéphane Distinguin, Chairman of the Cap Digital Technology Cluster
Ralph Dum, European Commission, STARTS Program
Giannino Malossi, Founding Partner of Blumine Srl. - WEARUSTAIN STARTS Project
Vincent Peyregne, CEO of Wan-Ifra
Gerfried Stocker, Artistic Director of Ars Electronica

Coordinated by IRCAM and supported by European Commission DG Connect as a part of the STARTS platform-Science, Technology and the ARTS-H2020 program. The European program STARTS RESIDENCIES organized from 2017 to 2020 by the H2020 program VERTIGO aims to federate different players in the fields of science, technology, and the arts to promote, via these new synergies, their potential for innovation. It brings together a consortium of 7 European partners (IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, French Tech Culture (FR), Fraunhofer (GER), Artshare, Inova+ (PT), Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (CH), Libelium (ES)) and a network of 20 international correspondents.

The STARTS RESIDENCIES program coordinates 45 residencies over a 3-year program, organized through calls for participation, in ICT R&D projects, with the objective of designing unique prototypes. It also includes the development of a digital community platform that federates the synergies of the multidisciplinary STARTS community and the organization of an annual event held at the Centre Pompidou to present prototypes created during the residencies to both the general public and professionals.