IRCAM Talks #006 - Presentation of GRM Player

by Adrien Lefèvre (INA-GRM)
Mon 1 October 2018,
6 p.m.
salle Stravinsky

Free entry, limited seats available.

The GRM-Player is a tactile studio for sound. It has a user’s interface which offers new ergonomics, the fruit of research around the idea of “making and listening”, a characteristic of the GRM from its origins. The GRM-Player is based on a powerful core software, with a sound rendering of very high quality. It also offers an open platform remotely controlled via the Internet (OSC), and whose functionality can be increased by using Java Scripts.

Besides its basic operations, such as reading at various speeds or reversed reading, the GRM-Player will allow you numerous experiments, especially around editing or micro-editing. Experiment also “multiple readers” with incredible atmospheres, or simultaneous loops which authorise granulation over small time periods. This is a software in perpetual evolution, a true laboratory of the “digital tape recorder” at the border between Art of fixed sounds and acoustic Synthesis.

We also offer 2 items Max/MSP for MacOs, ntPlay~ and ntGrain~, based on the Player’s audio engine (NexTape). The GRM-Player recognises most audio formats (aac, aiff, flac, mp3, ogg, wav, and around twenty others), supports plug-ins AU and VST and enables the immediate recording of its audio output. The app works with MacOs, its porterage to Windows is in progress.


IRCAM Talks present the technical and/or artistic aspects of a creation, a residence in artistic research, a creative process, or an artistic motivation/career. These participatory seminars are open to the public and intended for sound professionals, artists, scientists, teachers, students, makers, designers, inquiring minds…

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In partnership with the Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte, Politecnico, and the Conservatorio de Turin.

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