DIRTY Installation

An interactive, ludic, and sonic system for all ages
Sat 9 September 2017,
2 p.m.- 5 p.m.
Fondation Royaumont

Free access in the presence of Emmanuelle Lizère and performances.

The DIRTI (Dirty Tangible Interfaces) let children ages 2 and up and their parents try out a unique playful, interactive, and sound experiment. Gathered around interactive trays, each independent of the other and of differing sizes, the children are invited to sink their hands into the materials in the trays: feathers, tree bark, tapioca pearls. Through their manipulation of the materials sound events are set off, creating an infinite number of musical combinations alone or as a group.

Emmanuelle Lizère, Ariadna Alsina Tarrès Sound Creation
User Studio, Matthieu Savary Design for DIRTI
Grégoire Lorieux, Diemo Schwarz, Emmanuel Fléty IRCAM-STMS Scientific Consultants

Led by Emmanuelle Lizère musician

Making-of DIRTI

At IRCAM and the Pompidou Center, 2016-2017

Discover the DIRTI

At Centre Pompidou, June 2017, as part of the IRCAM festival ManiFeste