Dialogue de l'ombre / Anthèmes 2 [CANCELED]

Sat 13 February 2021,
7 p.m.
Boulez Saal Berlin

Dialogue de l'ombre double—taken from Soulier de satin by Claudel—is a back-and-forth between verses and transitions performed by the same musician. The verses are performed on stage “live”; the transitions were pre-recorded and played over loudspeakers. Opposed to the real and localized presence of certain elements is the imaginary, diffuse presence of others. Each verse is centered on a unique idea; the transitions carry us from one motif to another.

The piece of Boulez work also uses a much more sophisticated system based on a perceptive approach of the spatial sound which enables the auditors to clearly hear the sounds wherever they are, regardless of the place and number of loudspeakers.

Anthèmes 2 is an extanded version of Anthèmes 1 which has been revised for violin and live electronics at IRCAM in 1997. Compared to the first version, the question was to find how to coordonate the artist’s interpretation with the computer’s one.

Jérôme Comte clarinet
Odile Auboin alto
Ensemble intercontemporain
Andrew Gerzso, Augustin Muller IRCAM Computer Music Design

Pierre Boulez Dialogue de l’ombre double
Pierre Boulez Anthèmes 2

  • Pierre Boulez  © Jean Radel
    Pierre Boulez © Jean Radel
  • Pierre Boulez  © Jean Radel
    Pierre Boulez © Jean Radel
  • Ensemble intercontemporain  © DR
    Ensemble intercontemporain © DR