Canzoniere Part I et II [STREAMING]

Thu 4 February 2021,
10 p.m.
Festival Eclat

The Canzoniere vocal cycle is the result of Marta Gentilucci's musical research on vibrato, synthesis, and expanded vocal techniques. In her collection of songs, she focuses on vocal gestures, large rhythmic structures, and the quality of spatial resonance. However, her main concern remains the listener’s perception and the emotional impact of contemporary music and poetic speech.

Sarah Maria Sun soprano
Vanessa Porter percussion
Neue Vocalsolisten
Thomas Goepfer, Robin Meier IRCAM Computer Music Design

Marta Gentilucci Canzoniere Part I et Part II 

  • Marta Gentilucci  © Déborah Lopatin
    Marta Gentilucci © Déborah Lopatin
  • Neue Vocalsolisten  © Martin Sigmund
    Neue Vocalsolisten © Martin Sigmund