The Good Vibration 2020

December 5 through Sun 20 December 2020,
3 p.m.
Contemporay Culture Lab : C-LAB

IRCAM signed a Cultural Cooperation Agreement with the C-LAB in Taiwan (2020-2027) to contribute to the constitution of the Taiwan Sound Lab. Good Vibration 2020 brings together concerts and IRCAM Forum Workshops around the themes of “music and improvisation” and “spatial sound and virtual reality”. This series of events will take place successively this December. The “Good Vibration 2020” will start from 4th to 5th December, and the “IRCAM Manifeste and Forum” will be broadcasted online from 7th to 20th December. By the end of 2020, the C-LAB expects to offer people multi-dimensional experiences of music and sound through diverse performances, appreciation and analysis of works, as well as discussions about contemporary musical aesthetics. By virtue of artistic and cultural events, moreover, the C-LAB looks forward to boosting people’s morale to embrace the upcoming year!


Saturday 5th december

Chang Tzu-Chieh violon
Eric Daubresse, Benoit Meudic IRCAM Computer Design

Unsuk Chin Double Bind?
Michael Jarrell Dornröschen (Nachlese IVb)


Yen Hua-Rong piano
Cort Lippe IRCAM Computer Design
Philippe Manoury Pluton 

**IRCAM Forum workshops 

From Monday 7th to Sunday 20th december

Music and Improvisation 

Georges Bloch

Jérome Nika

Spatialization and Virtual Reality
Daniele Ghisi

Markus Noisternig

Greg Beller

***ManiFeste-2020 concerts broadcast

On the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab C-Lab YouTube channel:

From Monday 7th to Sunday 13th december

Concert d'Ouverture 
Professor Bad Trip
Concert du Cursus 1 & 2

From Monday 14th to Sunday 20th december

Concert du Quatuor Tana
Voce 1 & 2

  • C-LAB Sound Festival  © DR
    C-LAB Sound Festival © DR
  • Philippe Manoury  © Tomoko Hidaki
    Philippe Manoury © Tomoko Hidaki
  • Unsuk Chin  © Luc Hossepied
    Unsuk Chin © Luc Hossepied
  • Michael Jarrell  © C. Daguet / Editions Henry Lemoine
    Michael Jarrell © C. Daguet / Editions Henry Lemoine