Bug (Body Quartet)

June 6 through Sat 10 June 2017,
8:30 p.m.
Les Brigittines, Bruxelles

A family dinner. A pleasant atmosphere. Father, mother, son, lulled by their songs, their repetitive movements, their leitmotivs that patiently weave together their connections. The Other arrives with his “worrying strangeness”.  Now four, a new composition is created. The beautiful harmony is over. The “bug” creates his work, demanding the others to change their performance.

Using four actors, four composers, and IRCAM technologies that enable the creation of “augmented” voices and bodies, Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski continues her exploration of the possibilities of musical theater, applying here the gestural language of the string quartet to bodies.

Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Francesco Filidei, Daniele Ghisi, François Sarhan Composers
Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski
Manolo Sellati
Jean-Marie Piemme
 Dramaturgy Consultant:
Pierre Dherte, Aurélien Dubreuil-Lachaud, Candy Saulnier, Adèle Vandroth Actors
Regine Becker
Christine Grégoire
 Stage Design
Bart Aga Sound
IRCAM Computer Music Design Gregory Beller, Benjamin Lévy

Hans Meijer Lighting and Stage Management

Production Lucilia Caesar. In coproduction with IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Les Brigittines, Ars Musica, Césaré – Centre national de création musicale.
  • Bug - Quatuor à corps © Plonk & Replonk, Les Naufrageurs de Touristes
    Bug - Quatuor à corps © Plonk & Replonk, Les Naufrageurs de Touristes