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Barthes Performance by Nicolas Frize [POSTPONED]

Premiere 2020, in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Roland Barthes’ death (1915-1980)
Thu 19 November 2020,
Fri 20 November 2020,
6 p.m.
Centre Pompidou
Grande salle & Forum -1

Full : 18 €
Discount Price : 14 €
Carte Ircam : 10 €

On the 40th anniversary of the death of Roland Barthes, the composer Nicolas Frize pays tribute to the philosopher in a creation that blends art and philosophy, semiology and musical and literary performance.

Vivid musical sequences, video and radio archives, excerpts from texts by Roland Barthes, never-before-seen drawings, fragments of all kinds... This set of elements, juxtaposed or concurrent, split into rebounds and echoes, creates a spatial profusion that is both dense and pure. Nicolas Frize offers the listener a personal approach to Barthes' ideas, somewhere between the pleasure of a text, the strength of sounds, and the texture of a voice, real or recomposed.

During the performance, listeners are welcomed in the Forum -1 by real and imaginary voices, in a system specifically designed by IRCAM.

Nicolas Frize musical composition
Éric Marty scientific advisor
Robin Meier IRCAM computer music design
Christophe Veaux (Deepzen) scientific collaboration (synthesized voice of Roland Barthes)

Elodie Huber, Vincent Schmitt voice 
Stephan Olry tenor
Jeff Cohen piano
Christelle Séry guitars
Patrice Antonangelo trumpet
Ghislain Hervet bass clarinet 
Hsiao-Yun Tseng

Executive production: Les Musiques de la Boulangère | Coproduction: IRCAM/Les spectacles vivants/Service de la Parole – Centre Pompidou ; Collège international de philosophie ; Université Paris Lumières ; CERILAC - Université de Paris ; Centre Roland Barthes | In partnership with the Institut national de l’audiovisuel ; Bibliothèque nationale de France ; & INA GRM. | With the support of the Éditions du Seuil and the Librairie Flammarion-Centre Pompidou.
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    Barthes Performance by Nicolas Frize