Bernard Lubat

Musique, Technology, Politics
Mon 9 December 2019,
2 p.m.- 6:30 p.m.
Institut des Systèmes Complexes
Auditorium de l’ISC-PIF

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For the past fifteen years, multi-instrumentalist jazzman Bernard Lubat has worked closely with Marc Chemillier and Gérard Assayag on computer systems that promote improvised human-machine co-creativity. As a prelude to the release of the CD, this day on Bernard Lubat will provide the opportunity to hear interactions between a musician and software in an encounter combining performances, conferences, and discussions. Lubat will give his point of view during an "investigation" into his conceptions of music and the world.

Surrounded by specialists in computer music and complexity science, Lubat will discuss the role of technologies in society at a time when democracies are confronted with algorithms for manipulating public opinion. He will also talk about his relationship with composer Pierre Boulez, a selection of whose works will be performed on this occasion. The day will end with a completely new experimental workshop. Bernard Lubat will improvise in duo with a "virtual Pierre Boulez" generated with the help of creative software.

Marc Chemillier (CAMS-EHESS) and Gérard Assayag (STMS-IRCAM), with the support of IRIS Création, cognition, société (PSL)




Interventions by Jean-Marie Schaeffer, director of studies at EHESS, director of research at CNRS, scientific director at IRIS Création, cognition, société-PSL, and Jean-Pierre Nadal, director of studies at  EHESS, director of research at CNRS, director of CAMS


Anthèmes II (partie 1) by Pierre Boulez for violin and electronics
Performed by the violinist Marie-Aude Melliès with Carlo Laurenzi, IRCAM computer music designer 

Session 1


Human-machine improvisation: presentation and performance
Bernard Lubat on piano, Marc Chemillier, director of studies at EHESS (CAMS-EHESS) and Gérard Assayag, head of the Musical Representations team (STMS-IRCAM) on the computer


Conference on the individual, politics, and networks  
David Chavalarias, CAMS-EHESS, director of the ISC-PIF, Politoscope project


Discussion with Bernard Lubat on music, politics, and technologies 


Session 2


Performance and conference “Where Do Musical Structures Come From?”
Elaine Chew, researcher CNRS in the Musical Representations (STMS-CNRS) and pianist. Performance of Sonate n°1 for piano by Pierre Boulez (1946), and rhythmic variations generated from cardiac arrhythmias  (European project ERC COSMOS)

5:15pmHybrid Improvisation
Bernard Lubat on piano with a virtual Pierre Boulez, based on the performance by Elaine Chew
5:30pmDiscussion on sources of inspiration by Bernard Lubat
including his meeting with the music of Pierre Boulez