Forum Vertigo

Since 2017, the Forum Vertigo has held an annual international meeting of scientists and artists, engineers and intellectuals. Vertigo: a zoom in on a vertiginous present. Every year, the Forum presents multidisciplinary events on creation and innovation in music, art, design, and architecture in connection with digital technologies.

“This program is born from the common desire of the Centre Pompidou and IRCAM to create a public dialogue between the artist and the engineer, combining the laboratory and the studio. What are the effects of technological mutations on creation and on our own perception? Often, urban construction sites have a pavilion where visitors can see the imagined future: the Forum Vertigo is the observation point where skills generally divided, are united. The “vertigo” effect evokes techniques used in film: zooming in while pulling the camera back, focusing on our vertiginous present.” Frank Madlener, Director of IRCAM.

The first edition (March 2017) brought together architects, designers, musicians, and makers, scientists and entrepreneurs for a week-long event on architecture and 3D design, simulation and virtual reality, makers, design and morphogenesis. In 2018, the Forum examined the uses of code and algorithms in different creative fields— visual arts, music, dance, literature, architecture—while exploring the current impact of digital humanities.