Software Training

Designing Audio Experiences on the Web - Advanced Level

Conceive and Create Interactive Performances and Installations with Web Technologies
January 11 through Wed 13 January 2021,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
salle Nono





750 €

Practical information



Upon completion of this training, participants will have appropriated the theoretical tools and techniques necessary for the development of a performance and musical installations on the Web. At the end of the course she, or he, will have acquired:

  • The basics of object-oriented programming in JavaScript
  • The basics of the architecture necessary for a real-time, distributed audio experience
  • The basics of the soundworks framework
  • The basics of related libraries e.g. waves-audio, waves-masters.


Developers, musicians, composers, teachers


Participants must have successfully completed level 1 of this program, or basics Web programming and WebAudio API

Educational Resources and Techniques

Classroom equipped with computers with all the necessary software installed, headphones, and MIDI keyboards;
Class Format: Training alternates between explanations on theory, and hands-on exercises

Didactic Materials : Video-projected presentations and documents 

Supervision and Assessment

Welcome the first day of training beginning at 9:45am;
Attendance controlled; signature of an attendance sheet required every morning and afternoon;
Assessment: evaluation of projects carried out throughout the program
A certificate at the end of the program is given to each participant with the results of the exam

Training Period and Organization

18 hours of training. Monday- Wednesday, January 11-13, 2021. 10am-1pm/2:30pm-5:30pm

11 students maximum



MorningTheory: a review of Web technologies, JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Hands-on session: a review of basics of WebAudio API
AfternoonTTheory: basics of Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript
Hands-on session: reuse composants and structure an audio graph with classes


MorningTheory: continuing with elements from day 1
Introduction to client architectures: server and soundworks framework
Hands-on session : an introduction to design and production of a distributed audio experience with soundworks
AfternoonTheory: distributed states, synchronization, and scheduling
Hands-on session: design and create a distributed audio experience with soundworks: distributed and synchronized step-sequencer


MorningHands-on session: design and create a multi-client interactive audio experience with soundworks: distributed and synchronized step-sequencer
AfternoonTheory: use of nanocomputers (i.e. Raspberry Pi) with soundworks
Open discussion