Cursus 2

Specialized Training in Composition, Research, and Music Technology

In 2016, the Cursus 2 year was abolished, making way for a longer and fuller Cursus program over one year.

From 2007 through 2015, IRCAM offered two training programs in composition and computer music organized in 2 years: Cursus 1 (first year) and Cursus 2 (second year). At the end of Cursus 1, 3-5 composers were selected to complete an artistic project for a small instrumental or vocal ensemble with electronics. A partnership with Le Fresnoy made it possible to implement projects with a visual component, presented as an installation or performance.

The objective of this second year of training was to let young composers improve the knowledge and skills acquired during the first year and use them in a creative project that was more ambitious than during Cursus 1 (short sketch carried out at the end of the year for an instrument and electronics). Each project looked deeper into a musical and technological issue, working closely with the IRCAM research teams. The works by Cursus 2 composers were included in IRCAM’s musical season, making it possible for these composers to take full advantage of the institute’s production and diffusion means. This year of training was imagined as a year for professionalization.

Following an individualized accompaniment over several months dedicated to expanding the knowledge and skills necessary for the preparation and realization of a creative project, the year was entirely focused on writing and the production of projects, led by the team of specialized professors/computer-music designers (Éric Daubresse, Marco Liuni, Jean Lochard, Grégoire Lorieux, Mikhail Malt, Lorenzo Pagliei) and by Hèctor Parra, composer associated with the Cursus program.

Promotion 2015.16


Jonathan Bell

Jonathan Bell (France, 1982) received a diploma in writing and his Master's Degree in composition from the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris (Nuñes, Gervasoni). He completed his doctoral degree in compositio...


Remmy Canedo

Remmy Canedo (Chile, 1982) is a composer, visual programmer, and performer. His work explores the manipulation and deformation of audiovisual material in real-time. Currently, his work focuses on algorithmic composition in real-time, generating interac...


Frédéric Le Bel

At Ircam from October 2015 to December 2018

Emanuele Palumbo

Born 1987 in Italy, Emanuele Palumbo lives in Paris. His first musical experiences came from playing in rock groups. He studied composition with Gabriele Manca in Milan, Gérard Pesson at CNSM in Paris, and computer music at IRCAM (Cursus 1 & 2) with Hè...