Max, Max for Live

Real-Time Interaction

Mastering the tools for interaction in real-time makes it possible to imagine multiple interactions between machine and musicians, dancers, actors, and the audience as stage performances or installations, combining sound, visual, multimedia, and virtual reality elements in a sole environment.

With Max the user programs interactive real-time MIDI and audio applications. Max for Live lets the numerous fans of Ableton’s softwar for electro musicians and DJs to hear possibilities for live performances.

Certifications Max level 1 and Max level 2

IRCAM has implemented two certifications in Max. Taken at the end of the Max classes (Initiation or Intermediate) or on your own, these certifications assess the students’ level in Max by testing their capacity to design, implement, and use applications created with the software.

Public: Workers in the entertainement industry in the fields of film, music, dance, theater, and artists, authors, composers of computer music, teachers who work in the domain of electroacoustic music and computer-assisted music, scientists in computer music and sound engineering