Career Discovery Visit

Meet an IRCAM Professional and Visit the Institute

Intended for high school and college students, these encounters provide personalized access to IRCAM’s specificities, through the presentation of the professional possibilities at the junction of artistic creation and scientific research.


The encounter begins with a visit led by one of IRCAM’s guides during which participants discover the history of the institute, its architecture, and the different fields of activity. Students discover the anechoic chamber.

The visit is followed by a conference given by a professional from IRCAM whose domain has been chosen by the teacher: artistic creation, scientific research, sound…. Students discover the speaker’s professional career and their profession, addressing notions such as contemporary composition, tools for computer music, acoustic spaces, sound engineering, etc.

Practical Information

Public students from age 13 through university
Length approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes
Fees 100 € TTC (until 25 students), 250 € TTC (group from 25 to 45 students)
Practical information these visits can be organized from mid-September to May. A maximum of three visits are held per month. Please contact us at least 2 months prior to the desired date.
Information 01 44 78 48 23 | info-pedagogie (at)

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