Artistic and Cultural Education

Create a sound work together using IRCAM's creative tools

The Artistic and Cultural Education program intended for middle school and high school students was launched in September 2014. For the 2019-20 academic year, the themes will be based on the European project ‘Remake’. This project was initiated by Ultima, a contemporary music festival in Oslo, Norway. Flagey, a cultural institution dedicated to music and images in Brussels, and IRCAM are also actors in the project.


  • Provide students the possibility of discovering the specificities of the institute as well as the different professions exercised within;
  • Students acquire the skills necessary to use tools for computer-assisted sound creation developed at IRCAM;
  • Students understand, appropriate, and recreate a contemporary music work;
  • Students create a final group project presented to the general public.

The Project

IRCAM selects a contemporary music work, addressing a common theme found in the three participating countries. This work will be the project’s starting point.
1. Discovery of the Work
Different forms and contexts of the work are presented to the students. They must understand the theme in order to produce an audio work that is inspired and related to the work being studied, demonstrating their own conception of the work and what it represents.
2. Collection of ‘Sound Material’
In order to develop their own sound work, students collect the sounds they will then use. Collection is carried out using an application that records sounds with simple smartphones.
Using the application and its web site, the sounds collected by each class can be shared among participants in different participating locations.
3. Creation of a Sound Work Using Different Materials Collected and Shared Through an Application
Students present their own sound creation in reference and echo to the work studied. Their work is presented publicly in the springtime.


Public Middle school and high school students  (ages 13+)
Number of Sessions 5 - 10
Fees: 100 € per session (VAT excluded)
Contact & Information 01 44 78 47 70 | info-pedagogie (at)

  • Des élèves en studio à l'Ircam
    Des élèves en studio à l'Ircam
  • Grégoire Lorieux face aux élèves en studio à l'Ircam
    Grégoire Lorieux face aux élèves en studio à l'Ircam
  • Adrien Mamou-Mani répondant aux questions des élèves
    Adrien Mamou-Mani répondant aux questions des élèves