Julia Blondeau


Compositional Spaces and Multiple Times: The Form/Material Relationship
Doctoral Advisors:  Jean-Louis Giavitto (CNRS - IRCAM) and Dominique Pradelle (Sorbonne Université)

Julia Blondeau is a composer of contemporary mixed, instrumental, and electro-acoustic music. She also composes works for theater and is especially interested in the interaction between instrumental and “electro-acoustic” writing in a single expressive space. Her work on compositional spaces endeavor to provide a theoretical and musical framework to the organization of materials and their connections to both temporal and formal questions. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Research in Composition Musical doctoral program organized with Sorbonne Université, the UPMC, and IRCAM in the Musical Representations research team at IRCAM.

Email : Julia.Blondeau (at) ircam.fr