The interpretation master classes associate the 20th century repertoire with recent creations with the desire to go beyond historical specializations. They offer special access to certain reference works in the mixed music repertoire where the dimension of sound projection is an integral part of the performance.

in Vivo Danse - Camping

Monday­—Friday, June 21—25, 2020
Educational Advisors: Michelle Agnès Magalhaes (composer), Hervé Robbe (choreographer), Frédéric Bevilacqua, Benjamin Matuszewski (Sound Music Movement Interaction Team IRCAM-STMS)

Le Centre national de la danse and IRCAM have come together to offer a new workshop—in Vivo Danse-CAMPING—a laboratory in which several disciplines come together for collective experiments: musicians, performers, dancers.

Playground & Entrelacs. This workshop is imagined and led by the composer Michelle Agnès Magalhaes and the choreographer Hervé Robbe. The name of this workshop also could have been given to the scenographic and sonic systems offered like a playground for multiple experiments with danced and musical gestures. A tangible exploration of listening, of dialogues, impacts, interferences, and possible combinations between dance and music. A space conducive to the invention of visual and sound scores that are embodied and resonate via the presence of 16 artists from the world of choreography.


Dancers/performers who would like to be a part of the in Vivo Danse – CAMPING workshop can apply from April, 6 at the Centre national de la danse.

Mixed Music

Monday, June 14—Saturday, June 26, 2021
Educational Advisors: Simone Conforti, Sébastien Naves (IRCAM computer music designers/professors)
Instruction in English

This workshop is intended for composers, sound engineers, producers, and music computer designers who wish to acquire experience in a professional situation in the musical, technical, rehearsal, and logistical aspects of mixed music concert preparation. Students will acquire the necessary techniques to master and perform the electronic parts of a mixed music work.

The two weeks, supervised by specialized IRCAM teachers, will consist of group lessons and hands-on studio work. The workshop will focus on specific subjects designed to consolidate production methods for the performance of mixed music works. They will also include an improvisation session. The computer music design students will work closely with Pôle Sup’93 instrumentalist students, who will present the program of works studied in concert.

The structure for the two weeks:

  • Classes in a specially equipped classroom and hands-on workshops in the studio (analysis of the musical writing of pieces related to electronic writing, setting up the material conditions of the concert, "debugging", patch analysis, methodology...).
  • Improvisation session for instrument and electronics featuring an artistic encounter designed to foster a close relationship on a double performance: an instrumental performance with that of electronics.
  • Production of a simulation for each work studied during a recording session with the musician in the IRCAM studios.
  • Rehearsals (testing the sound diffusion of the  works, following and observation of the instrumentalist's performance).
  • Mixed music concert. Workshop students will ensure the performance of the electroacoustic parts of one of the works of the program, with the participation of the Pôle Sup’93 instrumentalist students.

The repertoire of the works studied

Francisco Alvarado [in]certi(é)tude for piano and electronics
Ivan Fedele Donacis Ambra for flute and electronics
Mayu Hirano Temps suspendu for accordion and electronics
Jonathan Harvey Ricercare una melodia for cello and electronics
Tolga Tüzün Metathesis for bassist with two double bass and electronics

The 5 student computer music designers selected in January 2020 for the June 2020 workshop that was cancelled due to the international health crisis:  Yanqi Chen (Chin), YongBing Dai (China), Francesco Di Maggio (Italy), Ivan Ferrer-Orozco (Mexico), Hibiki Mukai (Japan).


Monday, June 21—Saturday, June 26, 2020 
Educational Advisor: Valérie Philippin (singer)

French singer Valérie Philippin will lead a master class for young female singers who wish to explore the contemporary repertoire for voice with electronics. Valerie Philippin will offer listening sessions and hands-on workshops with improvisation, to explore abilities of each participant. A special focus will be given to mixed works (solo voice & electronics) that will be performed during ManiFeste-2021:

Luigi Nono La Fabbrica Illuminata
Kaija Saariaho Lonh
Daniel D'Adamo Lips, your lips
Mauro Lanza Erba nera che cresci segno nero tu vivi
Jean-Claude Risset Inharmonique

The Master Class will also be dedicated to special sessions focused on "a cappella" solo works suggested by the young singers or proposed by Valérie Philippin.

The 5 student singers selected in March 2020 for the June 2020 workshop that was cancelled due to the international health crisis:  Sarah Brabo-Durand (France), Taisiya Koleva (Bulgaria), Ami Nakamura (France), Olga Siemenczuk (Poland), Caroline Wyatt (United States).