Researcher/developer position (W/M) at Ircam Permanent contract from July 1st, 2021

Permanent position
Candidacies : until June 11, 2021

IRCAM is a non-profit organization that is associated to the Centre Pompidou (Centre national d’art et de culture Georges Pompidou). Its missions comprise research, production, and education related to contemporary music and its relation to science and technology. The R&D department of IRCAM, CNRS and Sorbonne University are also associated in the framework of the STMS Joint Research lab (Sciences and Technologies of Music and Sound). Its specialized teams are conducting research and development in the areas of acoustics, sound signal processing, interaction, computer music and musicology. IRCAM is located in the centre of Paris near the Centre Pompidou, at 1, Place Igor Stravinsky 75004 Paris.

The Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team research and development activity centers on the reproduction, the analysis/synthesis, and the perception of sound spaces. The team’s scientific disciplines are signal processing and acoustics for the elaboration of spatialized audio reproduction techniques and methods for the analysis/synthesis of a sound field. In parallel, the team devotes part of its activities to cognitive studies on multisensorial integration for a rational development of new sonic mediations based on body/hearing/space interaction. Research projects are regularly conducted through collaborative funded projects with French or European academic or industrial partners. In parallel, the team is cooperating actively with the artistic production department of IRCAM (creation projects, artistic residencies). Collaborations have also been established in the domains of health research (e.g. virtual reality based therapy) and archeoacoustics. These scientific research activities are combined with an intense development activity. The developed software libraries consolidate the expertise of the team, its theoretical and experimental activities and are the major vector of our relationship with musical creation as well as various application domains, including digital audio industry.

The team intends to propose solutions for recording / transforming / reproducing and interacting with sonic environments, preserving their spatial richness and complexity. These objectives call for the research and development of creation tools that rely simultaneously on physical modeling of sound fields, on the control of possibly massive or distributed transducers arrays, on sound scene analysis and on the finding of perceptually relevant spatial attributes. Besides above-mentioned scientific disciplines, machine learning techniques are becoming essential for sound scene analysis and its control in the frame of audio augmented reality scenarios.

L’IRCAM is looking for a researcher/developer with expertise in the domain of 3D audio and virtual reality. She or he will work in the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team. The selected candidate will design, implement and assess creation tools based on acoustic modeling and sound scene auralisation, possibly making use of dense transducer arrays and based on sound scene analysis/synthesis models. These tools should handle different use cases emanating from scientific research (sound engineering, spatial cognition, room acoustics, archeoacoutics) or creation (artistic projects and residencies).


  • According to the applicant profile :
  •  Devise and implement auralisation and 3D audio rendering models interacting with available virtual reality environments;
  •  Devise and implement sound scene analysis/synthesis methods;
  • Devise and implement creation tools;
  •  Contribute to the development of optimised C++ libraries;
  •  Contribute to the development of GUI C++ modules;
  •  Devise and implement all or part of a use case scenario in interaction with the R&D or Production/Creation department;
  • Cooperate to the planning of development tasks;
  •  Cooperate to the implementation of perceptual experiments;
  •  Contribute to collaborative projects setup;
  •  Collaborate with third party integrators


  • The applicant will hold a PhD and/or have an established experience in audio signal processing, acoustics and virtual reality environments;

  • High skills in C/C++ programming;

  • High skills in sound engineering and sound spatialisation;

  • Good knowledge of MATLAB/Python programming;

  • Chief notions of methods and tools for project management;

  • Fluent professional English: reading, speaking, writing;

  • Musical practice valued

SALARY: According to background and experience

Please send an application letter together with your resume and any suitable information addressing the above issues preferably by email to:

Application deadline : 2021 June 11th