Commitment to our Employees

Would you like to join our team? Would you like to apply to IRCAM? Learn about our activities, our values, and our commitments!

Who Are We?

IRCAM is involved in the interaction among scientific research, technological innovation, and musical creation. It brings together a multitude of professions at the crossroads of research and computer-science development, artistic production and sound engineering, the coordination and implementation of artistic projects, education and documentation… without forgetting, of course, all the support and administrative functions which play an essential role in the realization of our projects.

Our teams work collaboratively on common projects, maintaining high standards of transmission every step of the way.

Working at IRCAM means being a member of a team inspired by music and technology that cultivates the art of innovation on a daily basis.

Working at IRCAM also means being a part of international networks with an office in the heart of Paris. IRCAM is an associated department of the Centre Pompidou and our buildings are right next door to each other in the 4th district.

Our Commitment

IRCAM is an association officially recognized as serving the public interest that reports to the French Ministry of Culture, the CNRS, and Sorbonne Université. We have longstanding social values that are the pillar of our human resources policies.

We are committed to:

Promoting gender equality by:

  • Providing equal opportunities for recruitment, remuneration, and promotion.
  • Raising awareness among our employees about gender equality and diversity.
  • Implementing programs for female science and technology students.
  • Ensuring female representation in our artistic and scientific events and communication materials.

Maintaining a good quality of life in the workplace by:

  • Facilitating a work-life balance by respecting working hours, a disconnection clause, and innovative programs for parents.
  • Establishing a good practices charter for the use of digital tools.
  • Providing a safe workplace through the prevention of professional and psychosocial risks and discrimination.

Providing personalized accompaniment for career paths by:

  • Assisting in the implementation of individual and group training programs.
  • Promoting internal mobility via a career development tool established by IRCAM based on skills and jobs. 
  • Hiring students in work-study programs and maintaining the employment of older employees.
  • Carrying out regularly-scheduled interviews with individualized follow-up by the Director of Human Resources.

Our actions have led to excellent results.

  • A score of 77/100 for gender equality based on an index defined by the French Ministry of Labor
  • 91% of our employees say they are satisfied, or very satisfied, with the quality of life at work*
  • 99% of our employees say the workplace relationships in their team are good*

* Results from an anonymous employee satisfaction survey conducted in June-September 2019

Our employees have easy access to activities at the Centre Pompidou as well as to French national museums and heritage sites (being cardholders of both Centre Pompidou and French Ministry of Culture cards). At IRCAM, artistic curiosity is cultivated!

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