A travelling season

IRCAM will take several international and French voyages, a season that begins with the summer festivals of 2019: Aix-en-Provence for the political opera by  Adam Maor, Avignon with Daniel Jeanneteau and Martin Crimp, Alloue for the Macbeth of Aurélien Dumont and Matthieu Roy.

A travelling IRCAM. The adventure begins in the heart of Taipei with the new C-LAB, Contemporay Culture Lab, a gigantic space dedicated to cultural and scientific innovation inspired by IRCAM. It continues with the opening of the new Centre Pompidou in Shanghai and the musical presence of IRCAM, also involved with the conservatory in the same city. It can also be found in the springtime IRCAM Forum in Montreal, addressing both musical transmission and creation.

This travelling spirit can be found in the collaborations with French centers of musical creation—in Marseille and Lyon—and in our Parisian season. Atlas is the name of a collective work, created simultaneously in three European cities by several artists. The Forum Vertigo at the Centre Pompidou, follows other circuits, those of artificial neural networks and deep learning, better known by its codename: artificial intelligence. 2019-2020: an uncharted map for an amplified IRCAM. 

Frank Madlener, IRCAM Director