Software Training Courses

For musicians, composers, sound designers, engineers and technicians, video artists.

With several years of experience teaching new technologies for music, the IRCAM team (Éric Daubresse, Jean Lochard, Grégoire Lorieux, and Mikhail Malt) offers a range of training courses designed specifically for the broad range of professionals in the domains of performance arts and education.

Training modules tailored from beginner to expert levels, providing participants with the opportunity to discover the music software developed by IRCAM and perfect their skills. The IRCAM Forum distributes these software programs.

The courses on the software programs Max, Spat, Jitter, AudioSculpt, Modalys, and OpenMusic include hands-on sessions on spatialization in the Espace de projection and score following with a musician. Participants can test their creations in situ during these hands-on sessions.

This year, two new courses organized in collaboration with the IRCAM research teams are being offered. One is on gesture capture and will address the analysis of movement and the creation of sound interactions; the other is on the definition and conception of a sound identity applied to the domain of sound design.

Students can create their own personal training program by selecting the modules that correspond best to their needs.

All our training programs are eligible for the French DIF program (droit individuel à la formation). Employees, jobseekers, intermittent workers, artists, or independent workers are all able to take advantage of different programs for continuing education that cover tuition fees.
Contact our office for further details and assistance.
Information: 01 44 78 48 23 or info-pedagogie(at)
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By Correspondence Download the Registration Form 2013-2014 (pdf) and return by post.
Online Click on RESERVATION at the bottom of each course description.

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