Max 5 Developers' Workshop

Write objects for Max/MSP

Instruction in English

Prerequisite: Participants must have a high level of expertise in Max/MSP and experience programming in C is strongly recommended.

Instructors: David Zicarelli (Chief executive officer, Cycling '74), Jeremy Bernstein and Joshua Kit Clayton (developers, Cycling '74) and Emmanuel Jourdan (computer-music designer, IRCAM).


  • General Concepts for Developing External Objects,
  • Writing External Objects in C: introduction (basic concepts: Atom, Symbol,  obex, etc),
  • Writing External User Interface Objects in C for Max 5, part 1.


  • Writing External Object in C: Part 2 file access, scheduler/queue, proxy, patcher access,
  • Writing External User Interface Objects in C for Max 5, part 2 (optimizations).


  • Writing DSP Objects: basic concepts, buffer access, User Interface DSP object,
  • Writing External Objects in C: Part 3 Advanced Topics: Unicode, support for tempo-based scheduling, support for file drag and drop, threading, etc.

Depending on the interest of the participants, other topics might be discussed as well.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to develop external (Control, User Interface, and DSP) objects written in C for Max 5.

November 21-22-23, 2009, 10am-1pm and 2:30pm-5:30pm / IRCAM


Tuition Fees
600€ / course
Forum Member Organization (Studio or Research or Pass Forum) 400€
Forum Member Individual (Studio or Research or Pass Forum) 200€
For French organizations, tuition excludes the VAT (VAT 19.6%)

Course is limited to 20 participants.

Didactic Material and Assessments
Hands-on work sessions take place on individual workstations. Instructors use a workstation connected to a video projector and a quadraphonic sound system. Either paper or electronic teaching aids will be available for students.
Participants must bring their own laptop computer with Max 5 and a IDE such as Xcode (Mac) or Visual Studio (Windows).

Information: info-pedagogie(at) | Natacha Moënne-Loccoz +33(0)1 44 78 48 17

Download the registration form (pdf, 436K) and return by post.

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