The Sound Analysis & Synthesis team carries out research and development activity in sound analysis, transformation, and synthesis of sound signals.

The analysis of sounds includes methods enabling the permanent extraction or automatic structuring of diverse sorts of information given off by the signal, such as the fundamental frequency or the spectral evolution determining the pitch and timbre of a perceived sound. Information outside what is strictly musical is also taken into consideration, notably concerning industrial acoustics, sound design and multimedia as well as the automatic indexing of recorded sounds. The methods used are based on signal processing, statistical analysis, information theory, machine learning and recognition techniques, but also on knowledge of auditory perception and sound production via multi-physics systems (electronic/vibration/aero-acoustic).

Techniques of transformation and synthesis are initially created to respond to the needs of musicians in the production of new sounds and new music. A typical example of this is the computer synthesis of a virtual choir for an opera. However, the work is frequently applied to the fields of mobile telecommunications, video games, and virtual reality.

Analysis and synthesis is based on the conception of both signal models (the modeling of sound effects produced via their signals) and physical models (the acoustical modeling of the source of sound production). These models are integrated into pieces of computer software for PC or Macintosh (Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux) equipped with graphical interfaces specifically designed for musicians, but adaptable for sound engineers, acousticians and amateurs.

Since 2015, the project-team Sound Systems and Signals (S3), constitutes a link between the Analysis & Synthesis team (T. Hélie) and the Instrumental Acoustics team (D. Roze) by developing theoretical and experimental tools for modeling, simulating, identifying, and optimizing multi-physic systems and processing the sound signals they produce. The projectteam's particular approach includes an ensemble of scientific disciplines affected by the analysis/synthesis of sounds from musical instruments and sound producing or audio systems.

Resources of the team

National and European Research Projects

  • ABC_DJ : Artist-to-Business-to-Business-to-Cunsomer Audio Branding System
  • ChaNTeR : Real-time controlled Digital singing
  • SKAT-VG : Sketching Audio Technologies using Vocalizations and Gestures
  • ROUTE : Robot à l'écoute
  • Bee Music
  • Physis : Modeling, Transformation, and Synthesis of Sounds for Interactive Virtual Worlds
  • Houle : Hierarchical Object based Unsupervised Learning
  • 3DTVS : Study of techniques for description of 3D audiovisual contents
  • Voice4Games : Voice Processing for Video Game Production
  • Angel Studio : Generator of Personalized Avatars
  • Quaero
  • Sample Orchestrator 2
  • MIReS : Roadmap for Music Information ReSearch
  • Rhapsodie : A Prosodic Reference Corpus of Spoken French
  • Consonnes : Control of natural and synthetic instrumental sounds
  • Sample Orchestrator
  • SemanticHIFI : Browsing, listening, interacting, performing, sharing on future HIFI systems
  • Ecrins : Classification and Smart Search Environments for Sounds

Software (design and development)

Specialist Areas

Signal processing, statistics, information theory, learning techniques, form recognition.


Head Researcher: Axel Roebel
Researchers: Laurent Benaroya, Thomas Hélie (CNRS, CR1), Nicolas Obin (UPMC), Geoffroy Peeters, Enrico Marchetto, P. Schmitz
Development Engineers: Frédéric Cornu, Charles Picasso
Doctoral Students: Luc Ardaillon, Damien Bouvier, Antoine Falaize-Skrzek, Céline Jacques, Nicolas Lopes, Ugo Marchand, Olivier Migliore, Rémy Muller

The Sound Analysis & Synthesis team is a part of the Science and Technologies of Music and Sound Laboratory (Unité Mixte de Recherche UMR9912).



Aalto University (Finland), Ableton (Germany), Acapela Group, Acoustic Research Institute (Austria), AudioGaming, Arte, Artipolis (Luxembourg), Dualo, École des Mines de Paris, Exalead, ExeQuo, France Télécom R&D / Orange, Flying Eye (Germany), Game Audio Factory, Genesis SA, HHI Berlin (Germany), Idol, INESC, ISAE-Sup’aéro, ISIR/UPMC, IUAV (University of Venice, Italy), Kantar Media, KTH (University of Stockholm, Sweeden), LIMSI, LMA Marseille, LIA (Université d’Avignon), LPL (Laboratoire Parole et Langage) - Hôpital La Conception, NuHag (University Of Vienna, Austria), OFAI, ParisTech, QMUL, Queen Mary University (Great Britain), SCREAM National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan), Sky Deutschland (Germany), Smartlog, Smartsound, Stupeflix, Ubisoft,UPF/MTG (Spain), University of Alberta (Canada), University of Huddersfield (Great Britain), Univ. Paris 8, Univers Sons (UVI), Viddiga, Vizion’R, Voxygen, Xtranormal (Canada), Yacast


Journal articles

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    Conference proceedings articles

    Phd Thesis

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    Training course reports

    • V. Bisot « Estimation de la structure musicale par approche DTW localement contraint et maximum likehood », Université Paris VI [Master 2 ATIAM], 2014
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