Season 15.16

Season 15.16

IRCAM's roads are vocal, electric, divergent, and winding with Édith Canat de Chizy, or the electronic "vocal" Holly Herndon, with choreographies by Wayne McGregor and Christian Rizzo...Season 15.16

On the Road

The figure of the young artist is a part of a distinctive scenario loved by the arts: the risk of the first time, the enigma of a "durable innovation" that mobilizes master and disciple, developer and pioneer. On the road with IRCAM, the emerging artist. Today, a young composer, a performer, a listener has a gigantic corpus constantly accessible to them in real-time: works, styles, regions, different historical periods, ways of proceeding, of listening and perceiving, of observing, adopted or rejected ad nauseam. In a manner of speaking, a young artist must put an end to certain things in order to truly "begin". How does distinctiveness emerge in this stimulating and saturated situation? What is the function of schools beyond their fantastic capacity to establish a standard, stability, mimicry and academism? These questions can be found throughout IRCAM and the pages of the Étincelle, notably in the remarks by the sociologist Pierre-Michel Menger. "Training oneself in uncertainty" is the condition of young artists; today Ulysses navigates under the gaze of those who watch him and hope he adventures forth.

The road that is IRCAM's new season passes through Italy, through the Venetian lagoon of Olga Neuwirth and the carnavalesque city of Mauro Lanza. Following the generation of Marco Stroppa and Luca Francesconi, Stefano Bulfon, Francesco Filidei, Daniele Ghisi, Marco Momi, and Lara Morciano are a testament to the vitality of the musical ingenuity they found in France - their adoptive home - and at IRCAM - their home for experimentation. Our route is Italian, vocal, electric, divergent in every way. From Chaya Czernowin to Édith Canat de Chizy, from Alexander Schubert to the techno-lyricism of the American Holly Herndon, from Wayne McGregor to the choreographies by Christian Rizzo and Thierry De Mey, there is no common meridian except a bent for bifurcation that conditions their artistic research.

These contrasting borders sketch out the map of a vast archipelago, that of rendezvous for creation or innovation that are particularly demanding of IRCAM’s technological expertise: the Venice biennial, Musica in Strasbourg, Amsterdam's Holland Festival, the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, Witten and Donaueschingen, Boston, and even São Paulo for IRCAM Forum’s first event in Latin America. At the time of an unprecedented development beyond its walls, IRCAM revives its connection with its home base, a multidisciplinary Centre Pompidou. Like the hypothesis of the Volta do mar, discovered by pioneering Portuguese sailors, the winds that push us offshore bring us back to our territory of origin.

A season that is not part of any tribe, and more, and is a great escape.

Frank Madlener

Illustration: Belleville 2015 - Through, Licht Series © André Lichtenberg

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