Season 14.15

Season 14.15

Solaris, J'accuse, Mimi, Requiem pour un jeune poète: IRCAM's new concert season is marked by the strength of fiction that "compells" musical time to unfurl on a large scale.Season 14.15


At night, when we dream, we are the actor, the author, the audience, and the theater.
We are everything.


Solaris, J'accuse, Mimi, Requiem pour un jeune poète: IRCAM's concert season is marked by a range of fictions that "compel" musical time to unfurl beyond the scale of a contemporary concert. Fiction, this power of "putting a price on time" in another practical time of ellipse and anticipation, of multiple points of view, and a shattered chronology. How does music accomplish this when faced with a science fiction tale - Stanislas Lem's Solaris that has become an opera by Dai Fujikura and Saboru Teshigawara - when faced with the dimensions of the teams of Abel Gance's J'accuse, or with the most fervent words of the 20th century in Bernd Aloïs Zimmermann's Requiem?

"Music is powerless to express anything at all." With his peremptory and famous quote, Stravinsky destroyed any claim that music had to fiction or as an argument, but at the same time reinforced its autonomy, its power to "mean nothing" even if it is saturated with expression. Music that does not ‘mean anything' constantly brings up visual and formal analogies for what is essentially written in time. In light of fictions in other disciplines, of their runaway and transient images, a central musical question remains: what temporal intrigue will be capable of making us hear urbi et orbi?

L'Étincelle follows the journeys of these intrigues on each stage IRCAM takes over in an unrivaled movement of dissemination. When the Espace de projection closes its doors for two years of renovations, IRCAM will be present on French national stages in Grenoble and Orléans, Amiens and Brainçon, Lyon, Nice, Reims, Rennes, Strasbourg, Valenciennes, and in numerous Parisian venues from the Théâtre des Champs- Élysées to the new Philharmonie. Producing and creating ‘beyond IRCAM' is taking the risk that the boundaries of our distinct practices and cultures will progress by being eliminated. At the heart of this itinerant season, IRCAM celebrates the 90th birthday of its founder, Pierre Boulez, whose work annihilated conventional formatted concert time and space. From Zimmermann to Boulez, in the wake of these great artists who created a new musical time more than new musical material, it is certainly via the invention of forms that musical research - always changing, true in this to the original idea - finds its necessity and vitality today.

Frank Madlener

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