Season 13.14

Season 13.14

This season belongs to composers, to authors, to men of theater, and to the performers of tomorrow who have mobilized IRCAM's laboratory today. A story where innovation mingles with imperious artistic desire, made in the Place Stravinsky.Season 13.14

A common passion can be found throughout IRCAM's season: that of the first time. The first musical fiction by the author Marie NDiaye with Hector Parra, an invisible and sonorous theater for Maeterlinck's Les Aveugles, the electronic sky of Jacques Lenot inspired by Robert Musil's Isis and Osiris, an epic of singing humanity in Registre des lumières by Raphaël Cendo, the dream of a Wagnarian dream in memory of Jonathan Harvey... Borne by composers, authors, and artists from the worlds of theater and dance, by performers that are a part of the present, these irreconcilable adventures and aesthetics simultaneously mobilize IRCAM.

The action of musical research, of creation, of the transmission of works and practices can now rely on several entities that go beyond the "classical world": protagonists of the performing arts of the 21st century, actors in the digital world, the community of scientific research. Consequently, technological mutation and cultural continuum, innovation and artistic desire, are in agreement.

Rather than an immutable brand, the made in IRCAM designates the steadfastness of research capable of integrating the flow and multiple wills of the world outside the laboratory. Such a perspective determines this season’s allure, at the crossroads of universities and art schools, production workshops and centers of industrial creation. Often evoked in culture, this function of laboratory exists in action in the heart of Paris, supported by the université Pierre et Marie Curie and by the CNRS. Present on French and international stages, in Milan, Venice, Rome, Athens, Lille, Munich, Strasbourg, and Wroclaw, a trajectory made in the Place Stravinsky.

Frank Madlener

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