Your Creative Project with Max/MSP

Advanced Level


Advanced knowledge of programming in Max/MSP, or successful completion of First Steps With Max/MSP, proof of completion of the Max tutorials numbers 1 through 30 and all the MSP tutorials, or regular use of Max/MSP.

Participants must send a dossier that includes a curriculum vitae, a description of the creative project they would like to work on during the course, technical plans for the project, and the Max/MSP patches already created (or in-progress) for this project.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to judge and design the computer techniques necessary for the production of their creative project using new technology.  With accompaniment, they will be able to design and produce the computer applications for their project with Max/MSP.


This professional-level course does not include time for participants to work on their project during class time, but focuses on providing assistance for each participant. Mornings are spent on advanced techniques in Max/MSP, defined according to the participants' needs. An instructor's individual guidance for each participant on their personal projects and dialogues and cooperation among students are on the program for the afternoons.


MORNINGS: hands-on sessions of further study on Max/MSP according to the identified needs. The topics addresses may include:

  • different ways of designing patches
  • construction of polyphonic processing techniques
  • network communication methods
  • using Max patches outside the Max/MSP environment via autonomous applications and devices for max4Live
  • creation of a user interface
  • spatialization
  • event sequencing
  • introduction to JAVA and JavaScript

AFTERNOONS: Individualized accompaniment on participants' creative projects, dialogues and cooperation among participants.

From Monday, 20 to Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 10am-1pm and 2:30-5:30pm / IRCAM

Registration Terms & Conditions

Tuition Fees

2250€ / course

Forum Member Organization (Studio or Research or Pass Forum) 1500€

Forum Member Individual (Studio or Research or Pass Forum) 750€

For French organizations, tuition excludes the VAT (VAT 19.6%)

Course is limited to 11 participants

Composers, musicians, sound designers, sound technicians and engineers, theater professionals

Didactic Material and Assessments
As participants gain understanding and comprehension of Max/MSP, they carry out exercises and patches that bring together topics covered and verify the participants' knowledge. In addition to these continual assessments, a final report is given to each participant at the end of the workshop to help them understand their strengths and weak points.
 Hands-on work sessions take place on individual workstations (iMac, MIDI keyboard, headphones). Instructors use a workstation connected to a video projector and a quadraphonic sound system. Either paper or electronic teaching aids will be available for students.

info-pedagogie(at) | Florence Grappin +33(0)1 44 78 47 70

Download the registration form and return by post

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