Winners and Project Proposals

Thomas Grill [website]

Proposal title: Exploring Sound/Gesture Typo-morphology for Enactive Computer Music Performance.

Abstract: "This research proposal is embedded in the larger scope of embodied interaction with computer music instruments based on recorded sounds. The focus is on the relationship between gestures perceived in sound and sound-producing gestures, fused into the concept of gestural-sonorous objects. Associations between the two aspects will be worked out on a morphological level (by correlating descriptors from gesture and audio analysis), but also on a higher typological level by identifying sound-gesture archetypes. A prototypical real-time performance system shall be developed as a proof of concept. In the course of this research, relevant practical issues like inherent latency or strategies for expressive audio synthesis from a sound corpus will be addressed."

Rama Gottfried [website]

Proposal Title: Wave Field Synthesis Aesthetics

Abstract: "The focus of this project is the study of the aesthetic applications of Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) and the development of methods for utilizing the physical properties of sound propagation as integral elements of composition. Various WFS manipulations of sound source radiation, diffusion and trajectory will be investigated as well as experiments examining the interaction between audio-visual cues affecting the perception of spatial source location. The translation of the techniques of WFS to aesthetic applications will be developed through new notational approaches using the OMPrisma library and/or other graphical notational methods, functioning as symbolic representations of spatial musical writing rendered through WFS. The proposed research period will lead to the development of a WFS sound installation embodying the aesthetic application of the research."

Natasha Barrett [website]

Proposal Title: The Perception, Evaluation and Creative Application of High Order Ambisonics in Contemporary Music Practice.

Abstract: "Spatial rendering of virtual sound fields using high order Ambisonics (HOA) is an area of intense research. ‘3D sound’ is already found in both contemporary and commercial audio contexts. Much of the current research concerns the development of technologies. Yet the evaluation of these technologies in listening tests is less common, and in creative contexts often informal and poorly documented.
This project combines listening tests and creative work using the latest technology to address (a) the perception of distance in HOA and (b) how the features of HOA spatial rendering can be used in creative practice."

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